Get Music!

Lets Get started! Go to  - another website i made -
now type in the song you want and hit ok.
now look in the search google search bar, that looooooooong code is the code to hack into the google media!
but your lucky! i made that code into the website so its nice and clean...
so just click on the link like that you want to download the music!
Simple right!

Behind the code:

intitle:index.of "mp3" +"linkin park" -htm -html -php -asp "Last Modified"

intitle means in the search.
index.of means the main source of the website.
mp3 is the current song format that you want to download
linkin park is the artist you searched for
-htm is the website format that will display the download
-html is the same as -htm almost
-php is the update format for when they want to change the websites look
-asp is through microsoft so you get more music listed.
Last Modified means that it will show the most current uploads!
If you want to get through the Yahoo! Media, you would have to go to and in the search bar type in something somilar.. i dont have to code yet. i will make it and send it up here soon.