Read Me First!

You need to have two programs, Utorrent and .AVI Player. You can download them throught Google.
Lets Begin, first open up utorrent. Then come back to THIS  website and go to the movie section and select a movie and hit download.
A window will pop-up in utorrent. Hit ok to accept the download from this website.
Your almost done!
Now you have to wait until its done downloading, may take a long time... i reccomend getting a torrentspeeder google it.
anyway, after the movie is done downloading, open up the AVI Player and open it and watch the movie.
If you want to put it in a DVD and watch it on a DVD player, you need to download CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD.  Google both those, AnyDvd is the decoder and CloneDVD2 is the burner. TO burn using CloneDVD2, open it up and select Write Existing Data, then select your movie that you want to put on the DVD from the small box and make sure its on DVD writer, its the tab to the right.. and hit Go! If you need help, google for answers or email me at Thats all! Oh! and we arent responsible if you get caught by the FBI! :)