Welcome To My Website!

Welcome to my website! Here you can become a professional Hacker, Pro- Virus Programmer, Download just about any movie there is and learn how to burn it to a CD or a CD-R and watch it on a computer, Learn how to use R.A.T. and download any song or album alive! You can learn how to hack into google and yahoo and MSN and how to steal passwords from people!

I offer free PC Fixing in less than 30 minutes you can have your computer back as new! Click on the Fix Your PC! Tab at the top of this website.

If you want to become a Hacker, you will learn how to telnet, send emails, make a fake website that will send you passwords, collect website passwords, hack into any school website, change your grade, make a chat application and program real applications! And last, how to control someones computer, (R.A.T).

Professional Virus Maker - You will learn all about the first virus and how to make your own in two different computer languages! Very easy to understand and will give you a huge boost in the new tech field. I will also teach you how to distribute them the safe way! hehe...

Download Movies - You can download any movie from a program that i made called JonosMedia. You can download it by going to the Download section of this website.

How to burn movies - Thats easy! you can start with first downloading a movie, you can do that by downloading JonosMedia from the download section of this website. Then after that.... CONTINUE

DO you really want a song but you dont wanna pay? Well come over here and I will teach you! Just go through Google or Yahoo! Thats right! I will teach you how to HACK into google and Yahoo's Music Department and get free songs in less than a minute!

Contact me, If you would like to get help or ask a question, you can email me! just click here to go and get my email and so on...